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These attention-grabbing POS products will capture the eye, or nose, of any consumer within range.  From mind-boggling floating products to displays that dispense appealing aromas, Rocket Production offers everything you will need to create effective displays. Use them as part of your design or as stand-alone products, either way – they are sure to do the job!

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This mystifying, contemporary display houses your branded product, as it appears to float in mid-air. Great for store counters, bars, clubs, and other venues, the floating display is a unique curiosity item that features a true copy of your product, without the need to make a replica. Rocket Production can custom-design virtually any display to feature your product - floating bottles, rotating sunglasses, etc.
  • Customized to your product
  • Printed graphics can be applied on all sides
  • Units rotate at a slow speed, enabling your customers to view each graphic from a single viewpoint
  • Plugs into a wall socket, so no need to worry about batteries
  • Option for printed hosing for extra branding opportunity
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Available from 2.4” – 7”, our video cards are perfect for informing, educating and advertising through direct mail.   With a single li-on battery they are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 8 hours before needing to be re-charged via a USB cable.   The card can be fully printed with your  custom logo and text along with the options of multiple buttons or a simple sensor that will activate play upon the opening of the card.
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Our digital photo frames are now so advanced that not only can they play movie files, but with an optional built-in motion sensor and push button they can activate at just the right time to attract the consumer.  Available in as little as 3.5” and up to 19”, these are a great low cost solution with a super-fast lead time. All regular fittings and brackets can be supplied.  Battery version also available.
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aromabreeze Scent Unit
The aromabreeze is a diffusion sampling solution that delivery scent by either a motion sensor or the push of a button. Battery operated, it's a quick and simple way to help customers connect with displays - plus linger for longer. Perfect for promotional displays at POS for laundry, food, beverage and personal care. Also enhance pop up stands and PR events. The aromabreeze will engage consumer and create a buzz around your product.
  • It's a versatile product and can be used in many ways, including free standing units, shelf edge and designed into permanent fixtures
  • Dry diffusion technology: no liquid, no deposits, low VOC production
  • Template available to print a 100% customisable paperboard cover
Power and Performance
  • 5000 cycles per 3 x AAA batteries.
  • Activiated by Motion sensor - from 2 metres or by push button.
  • 10 seconds of fragranced air per cycle.
Dimensions and Weight
  • Width 115mm
  • Depth 34mm
  • Height 100mm
  • Weight with Batteries: 195g
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Imagine the scent of baked bread or popped corn or cut grass emanating from your displays. Introducing our new “Scent-sation” point-of-purchase scent dispenser. The standard unit comes with a small battery-operated or plug-in fan unit that incorporates into any display and dispenses the scent across a wide area for customers to experience.
  • A large inventory of over 1000 popular scents
  • Customized scents available
  • Each Scent canister lasts for 60 to 90 days and is easily replaceable
  • Easy installation – no maintenance
  • Works in any POS display you can design
  • All scents are non-absorbing & vapor-less and evaporate completely
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Let the countdown begin! Available in LCD or LED these are the ideal component to countdown to those special events.  Our countdown clocks can be fully customized, and an be supplied as two digits to count down in days or nine digits to count down in days, minutes, hours and seconds.  LED versions are available in all of the regular LED colors and both can be battery operated. All fittings are supplied.
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From a small wearable badge to a large 16 feet display, our scrolling message units are ideal for getting your message across. Perfect for shopping malls, night clubs or general advertising these attention grabbing displays are the way to be seen. Available in indoor and outdoor models, they can be programmed with a static or scrolling message incorporating different shapes, colors and patterns. Complete with a remote control and software, the displays can be changed and updated as often as required making these units reusable for any future promotion.
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